Finally, A New Strap!

First off, I have no problem with shameless product plugs, especially handmade, genuine, quality products. It also helps that my best friend is the guy making these quality products but that’s for another time.

A few nights ago, I posted this photo around and I probably should have mentioned that my camera wasn’t slashed from my shoulder and carried off by some hooligan. In fact, it’s looking better than ever thanks to my new custom, leather strap from Ben’s Belts.


Starting with an original camera strap, Ben cut a piece of raw belt leather to the proper length as a stitch-in replacement. He then trimmed and cleaned up the edges, beveled the ends and punched holes for stitching.

2014-01-14_0001 2014-01-14_0003 2014-01-14_0002

The new strap is constructed similarly to the original. Layered pieces sandwich the strap ends which were sewn by hand with wax-coated string.


The ultimate result is a quality, hand-made leather good that will probably outlast my camera while looking sharp out in the real world.

Thanks for modeling, Meredith!

To get in touch with Ben about a custom camera strap or belt, check out his Facebook page.

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